Rehearsal Schedule

 The Mousetrap:

New!!!  Week of Oct. 23!

We will have rehearsals EVERY NIGHT this week starting at 6:30.  We will run scenes/acts depending on who we have present.  We will also do line speed throughs, and run through a few smaller scenes, plus discuss some character choices.  Please come when you are available and be prepared for both acts and all scenes.  We will also be painting/gathering props.


Oct. 29: 12pm – 5pm: Tech Rehearsal!  All required to be present.  We will be setting light cues, finishing props, etc.  Please come prepared for a LONG DAY (comfortable clothes, snacks etc.)




NEW!!!!  NOTE:  PLEASE get off book asap so we can get down to pacing, moments and props!  Please, please, please attend rehearsals as scheduled.  We need all of you here to make the blocking work. It’s not fair to your fellow performers when you are absent when scheduled.  Let me know if you have a conflict you can’t avoid, and/or text/message me if you have a last minute problem.  Doing my best to avoid conflicts and also to bring in some stand-ins and a stage manager, but I need your help to make sure we are ready for the show.  Thanks so much!


Sunday, Oct. 15, 1pm – Run Act II.

Monday, Oct. 16:  We’re going to work on some individual scenes and characters.  Call times as follows:

6:30-7pm: Becky

7pm-7:30pm : Add Natasha (so Natasha and Becky)

7:30 – 8:30pm: Add Arthur, Buzz, Dan (and keep Natasha and Becky.)  We’ll review the first 5 pages of Act II for Arthur and do some line speed reading and character work.


Tuesday, Oct.  17:  7pm – 8:30pm : RUN ACT II (Everyone except Becky.)

8:30pm- 9pm:  Dan, Ali and and Chris ONLY (Others can stay if they want and run lines, rehearse, etc.)


Wednesday, Oct. 18: NO REHEARSAL!  (If you want to work individually on lines or character, let me know and I can be here.  Depending on where we are with set, may be a painting night too!)


Thursday, Oct. 19:   6:30-7pm:  Allie and Becky

7pm-8pm:  Allie and Dan


Friday, Oct. 20:  7pm:  RUN ACT 1:  EVERYONE!!!!!!


Sunday, Oct. 22: Note Change: 11am-3pm:  Run Whole Show!  Bring lunch!  Wear painting appropriate clothing as we may paint/move furniture as well.


Click here for an interesting article about an underlying theme in the show – that of neglected children.  Almost all the characters connect with that theme, even if it’s only a possible speculation on the part of other characters.  (Eg, is Major Metcalfe possibly the angry father of the children who were taken away from their mother?)

Here is another fun video.  It’s from the anniversary of the London version.  Gives a good overview of the characters.

And remember:  part of the suspense comes from the fact that each character has a secret, and we don’t know what it is.  It’s what makes them all suspicious.  Think about what your character’s secret is (and he/she may have more than one!)

Schedule:  I’ve tried to schedule around conflicts as much as possible.  I only ask that you text or email me if you can’t make a scheduled rehearsal and we’ll work around you.  

As you read the script, you’ll see it’s hard to stage scenes as a block – all characters come and go frequently! We are going to do some rehearsals that are about character work, relationships between the characters, some staging of just one or two pages, in which two characters are interacting.